净重量:234kg电源:380V 3N/50HZ

1, the above parameters conditions: dry bulb temperature 20 degrees, the wet bulb temperature of 15 degrees, the initial water temperature of 15 degrees, the water temperature of 55 degrees to terminate. 2, conventional products for the white spray shell, stainless steel casing to choose. 3, suitable for the use of -7 C -43 C.

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l        The heat pump adopts brand name scroll compressor.
l        The combination of shell and tube heat exchanger and casing heat exchanger, heat exchange capacity is better, energy efficiency is higher.
l        Galvanized cabinet, the surface of anti-ultraviolet powder coating, with excellent anti-corrosion performance and durable.
l        Intelligent defrost system, electronic throttle technology, completely solve the problem of defrosting in winter.
l        Combine a variety of technologies of wide range working condition, medium temperature, low pressure, large exhaust, wide collection of heat, greatly increase in heating effect.
l        Circulating heating and instantaneous heating with circulating heating, to satisfy different users’ requirements, reducing project operating costs.
l        With the third generation of electronic control system, automatic intelligent control, no need special management.
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