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接管管径(PPR管):DN50mm电源:380V 3N/50Hz

1, the above parameters conditions: dry bulb temperature 20 degrees, the wet bulb temperature of 15 degrees, the initial water temperature of 15 degrees, the water temperature of 40 degrees to terminate. 2, conventional products for the white spray shell, stainless steel casing to choose. 3, suitable for the use of -7 C -43 C.

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l        Use titanium heat exchanger, to resist the erosion of chloride ions in water, durable, and with stable performance.
l        Applicable to underground water, seawater, mountain spring water, reservoir water and water of other places, with a wide use range.
l        Large water yield, stable operation and longer service life. It is suitable for heat sauna massage pool, swimming pool, jacuzzi, hydrotherapy pool, and places require hot water, constant temperature of fishpond and cooling water source.
l        Swimming pool heat pump, the cost of heating less than half of cost of boiler, furnace, electric by consuming a small amount of energy, and absorbing a lot of heat from air,  which is more energy saving, environmental and safe.
l        Compared to boilers, burners, pure electric heater, prevent leakage of fuels, fire, explosion, electric leakage, boiling dry, toxic and other risks. It is widely used in places require constant temperature hot water below 40 ° C.
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