Horizontal discharge heat pump


●Heat pump dryer energy saving, easy installation, intelligent control environmental pollution, process stability, is a safe and reliable drying system.
●Heat pump drying technology has less energy consumption, less environmental pollution, high-quality drying, a wide range of advantages, its excellent energy-saving effect has been demonstrated in a variety of domestic and foreign research institute test.
●High temperature heat pump drying unit for hotels bedding drying, seafood, vegetable dehydration, AD black fungus, melon seeds, peanuts, fruits and vegetables, meat, sausage, tobacco, leather, mushrooms, Chinese wolfberry, dried fruit, Jiao Hong, tribute incense, cloth, clothing, food grains, noodles, dried bean, fertilizers, pharmaceuticals, of pharmaceutical, mining by-products, chemical products, FGD gypsum, clay, grass, tobacco, pulverized coal, coal, lignite drying.

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