接管管径(mm):DN25噪音:<50 DB(A)

1.Heating condition: Air temperature DB/WB=20℃/15℃, initial/final water temperature=15℃/55℃. Outdoor temperature operating limits: -7℃~43℃. 2. Galvanized steel coating, stainless steel is optional.

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l        Heat pump unit with built-in screened circulating pump and double efficient heat exchanger, just use water pipe to connect heat pump unit and water tank, which is easy to install.
l        Heat pump unit can be any combination of temperature preservation water tank, more selection and flexible combination to satisfy different water consumption.
l        Can be used with solar water heaters and storage electric water heaters.
l        Installation location is more flexible.
l        The use of electronic expansion valve makes defrosting faster, and solves the common problems of slow defrosting and poor heating effect.
l        Eliminate the built-in copper tube heat exchanger in water tank, to prevent breaking the water tank and the unit at the same time due to the damage of copper tube.
l        Heating capacity and water yield of hydraulic system unit are higher than of fluorine system unit.
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